Crown Fiber-Cast Porch Columns

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Crown Fiber-Cast Porch Columns

The Crown Column difference

Tarheel Wood Treating offers quality, classic style and attention to detail in Crown Porch Columns in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Morrisville, "Triangle", North Carolina area for the discriminating builder and homeowner. Offered are two architectural styles of Crown fiberglass round and square columns.

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Round Fiber-cast Columns

Fiber-cast columns from Crown Column & Millwork are a satisfying combination of modern-day technology and low maintenance care. Each column shaft is produced with the lower one third straight and the upper two thirds tapered, creating a correct architectural entasis. Entasis, attributed to ancient Greek architecture, is the slight convex curving of the column shaft resulting in a most pleasing appearance. Fiber-cast columns are available in plain and fluted shafts. Our fluted round columns are cast fluted, resulting in a crisp, deep and architecturally correct Ionic flute.

Crown Round Fiber-Cast Columns
Installation Guide
 (PDF, 931KB)

Crown Round Fiber-Cast Columns
Crown round -- Plain Tapered Tuscan cap/base
Crown round -- Non-tapered Contemporary cap/base
Plain Tapered
with Tuscan Cap/Base
Non-tapered with
Contemporary Cap/Base

Square Fiberglass Columns

Square fiberglass columns offer an alternative to the more traditional round columns. The square columns are made from specially formulated glass-reinforced polymers with a one-piece shaft and applied astragal with an attractive capital and base molding. Crown's square fiberglass column is both lightweight and strong, resulting in a column that is easy to handle, water-resistant and impervious to moisture-related problems. The astragal is cast on the column; the flutes are crisp, deep and architecturally correct.

Crown Square Fiber-Cast Columns
Installation Guide
 (PDF, 676KB)

Crown Square Fiber-Cast Columns
Non-Tapered with Tuscan Cap/Base

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