Exotic Hardwood Deck Tiles

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Deck Tiles are Exotic Hardwood Square Tiles
Which are intended to be placed directly on the ground or onto flat concrete or wooden substructures. Deck Tiles are resilient and much more comfortable to walk on than concrete.

Deck Tile Material
Natural durable, plantation-grown South American "exotic" hardwood, rated by the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory for 25+ years when in direct contact with dirt, gravel or sand.

Natural variations of rich brown colors (maintained by sealing) or allowed to weather to a silver gray shades.

Dimensions: 19 5/8" x 19 5/8"

Hardwood Species
Cambara: Popular deck tile. Lighter in color and softer than Ipe. Resistant to insects and decay.
Ipe: Darker in color similar to a walnut brown shade. Hard and durable. Resistant to insects, decay, moisture and fire.
Red Balau

Hardwood deck tiles can be worked with conventional carbide tipped saw blades and drill bits.

I-Connect Fasteners
Patented hidden vinyl fastener system for Deck Tiles. Preferred method of installation for a beautiful smooth surface. Snap in each corner of the deck tile for a secure and easy to install deck tile fastening system. Available from Tarheel Wood Treating.

Stainless Fasteners
Recommended is stainless steel screws or use of I-Connect hidden fasteners for a blemish free deck tile surface. One of the best stainless steel screws to use is Swaneze brand which is a self-tapping, pre-lubricated, small-headed screw available from Tarheel Wood Treating.

Note: Exotic hardwoods are an air-dried product and this minimizes expansion problems as seen in other decking products. Although the wood has a smooth texture, it is normal to see some minor surface checking as the deck tiles age and weather. This in no way affects its strength or durability of your deck tiles.

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